André Jaramillo wants to pedal more. It does not stop. He does not intend to do it and wants his clients to continue walking without any excuse.

The founder of the My Bike store, since June 15 starts a new bicycle workshop model. My Tool is the first fleet and mobile mechanics for those who decide to travel on two wheels.

The idea was born because of the need to restore bicicletas que se encuentran en desuso en los hogares. “Por eso nace My Tool, para llevar la solución al hogar. La gente puede ingresar a una aplicación móvil (iOS o Android) y en 10 segundos pedir el servicio”, explica Jaramillo. Los camiones serán mecánicas completamente abastecidas con repuestos y accesorios.

The importance of the specialization

There are more and more types of vehicles. Buses, cars, motorcycles and those that are not motorized deserve a special mention. Like the care of cars, the means of transport demand different care. What gives a specialized workshop to the consumer? «Warranty. Because the bicycle will be in perfect condition, «responds without hesitation the Ecuadorian entrepreneur.

«Many of us fell down as children because the tire was lowered or the steering wheel was turned. That will not happen again. All our operators are certified. We represent the Trek brand and other top in the world, «he reveals. Jaramillo adds that My Tool will start parallel activities in Florida, United States, since August.

Take advantage of the trend

The care of the environment and the consequences of sedentary lifestyle begin to have their effects on society. Jaramillo is happy to report that Oslo (Norway) announced that it will be a car-free city by 2020. «That changes the whole paradigm of what we see as a city and consider as transport.»

Ensures that the use of this type of transport is a global trend. «The bicycle is a simple solution for big problems. Both the health of the people and pollution, «he stresses. Jaramillo has a lot of hope in electric bicycles. A product that was implemented together with the Municipality of Quito in 2016. «With the same effort of pedaling on a plane you can climb slopes from 12 to 15% inclination», he says when talking about this option for citizens when transporting.